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Mobile Security That Lets You Move Freely1

Your mobile device is your life. Don’t let cybercriminals take it away. They’re specifically targeting mobile users like you. When they win, you lose—big. You need to stay safe. You need Norton Mobile Security.

Beware Rogue Apps2

Apps are fun, boost your productivity and make your life easier. But “rogue” apps carry significant risks. The Norton Mobile Security App Advisor feature proactively stops you from downloading unsavory Android apps that steal your personal data, drain your data plan, or force intrusive ads on you.

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Keep Your Private Life Private

Web Protection technology from Norton automatically blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites to help protect you from online scams. Safe Browsing protects your device and your personal data from malicious sites that install ransomware, trojans and other threats.

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Losing Your Device Won't Ruin Your Day

Don’t panic if you can’t find your phone or tablet. Norton Mobile Security knows where it is. And you can remotely lock or wipe information from your Android, iPad or iPhone if it is lost or stolen.

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Don’t take risks with your mobile devices. Norton Mobile Security helps keep you safe no matter where you go or what you do.

  • Automatically scans apps before you download for malicious or risky behavior2
  • Blocks fraudulent websites from stealing your sensitive information
  • Protects against unwanted calls and mobile spam3
  • Locates or locks lost or stolen devices
  • Remotely wipes the information on your missing mobile device
  • Backs up, restores and shares contacts across multiple devices
Norton Mobile Security For Android


Norton Mobile Security delivers powerful protection for your iPhone and iPad against theft and loss.

  • Remotely locate your lost or stolen devices
  • Back up, restore and share contacts across multiple devices
Norton Mobile Security For iOS

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Disclaimers and legalese:

With this service you receive the right to use Norton™ Mobile Security for the specified service period, which begins upon initial installation and activation. This renewable service includes protection updates, as available throughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the Norton™ License Agreement included with this product and available for review at Product features may be added, modified or removed during the service period.

1Most features available on Android devices only, unless otherwise specified for iPad® or iPhone®.

2Auto-scan of apps on Google Play supported on Android 4.0 or later except for Samsung devices. Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported. For earlier versions of Android, the Google Play “Share” function must be used to scan apps on Google Play.

3SMS Text Blocking not supported when using Android 4.4 or later.